Proprietary and Semi-Proprietary 


High Impact Technology Companies







PsychBots High Tech High Touch Mental Health Optimization 
iOS Mobile App Powered By Ai and Machine Learning

Psychosis Evaluator, CYP DNA Testing, Psychiatric Drugs Metabolization Analysis, Neurotoxin Screening, ADRs

Polypharmacy Management, Medication Washout Tracking, Outcomes Reporting and Iatrogenesis Alerts

Epidemiology Analysis, Pathogen Screening

Psychiatric Profiles, Social Network for Mentally Disabled

Caregiver, Housing and Therapist Matchmaking

Patient Management Software 

Continuity of Care Management,  Mental Health Optimization Protocols and More


Skinny Wifey IQ

Weight Management, Weight Loss, Nutrition Plans, Weight Loss Coaching, Weight Loss and Wellness Products, Supplements and Organic Foods



Men’s Sexual Health and Wellness Products and Services 

Solteria Homes

Luxury Assisted Living For Mentally Disabled

Privilege Health

Luxury Assisted Living For Seniors

Privilege Physicians

Book On-Demand Concierge MDs, MD Smart Match Staffing Replaces Recruiting and Negotiations 

CRE MD Suites, Co-Working For MDs, MD Practice Software and MD Practice Management

Privilege Psychiatry 

Book On-Demand Psychiatrists, Psychiatry Smart Match Staffing Replaces Recruiting and Negotiations 

CRE Psychiatry Suites and Co-Working For MDs, Psychiatric Practice Software


Diabetes Prevention and Reversal App


Metabolic Disease Prevention and Reversal App

Microbiome Management App

Microbiome Management and Testing For Health Optimization 


Wifey X 

Women’s Sexual Health App, Includes Concierge OB-GYN and Primary Care Channel Partners, Women’s Wellness 


Wifey Yoga & Fitness


Wifey Stress Manager 


Data Analytics 

Tachistoscoper Technologies
Marriage Metrics
Marriage Business Plans
Approved America Analytics


Cyber Technology

SIQ CyberTech
Coleman Cyber


Ai and Machine Learning

Virtual Wifey and Virtual Hubby

Cognitive Computing and Cognitive Companionship 


High Tech High Touch Mental Health Optimization 

Ubiquitous Computing


IT Solutions


Approved America IT
Approved AmeriCloud








Approved America


Approved America IQ

Book Ivy League, MBA, Top 1% Freelance Consultants In Finance, Business, Technology and More 

Approved America MIQ

Top 1% U.S. Military Officer Consultants and Staffing

Approved America Engineering and Tech



Defense and Aerospace

Military X







Life Sciences


Brain-To-Computer Interfaces




PsychBots Interface 



The Kaleidoscopic App for iOS and Android 

Concierge Psychedelic Treatment Centers

Psychedelic Practice Software 

Record and Track Psychedelic Trips 

Luxury Psychedelic Retreats 

Erase PTSD, Addictions, Domestic Violence, Abuse and Trauma





Wifey Beauty 

Wifey Beauty Concierge Mobile App 

Book Beauty On-Demand, Wifey Beauty Cosmetics, Wifey Yoga, Wifey Beauty Retreats and More

Beauty Intelligence Agency 


Hubby Beauty

Men’s Hair Loss Treatments. Beauty, Skincare and Spa Services

Branded Products and On-Demand Direct To Door Salon and Spa Concierge 







The Coop Store


Wifey Styling Mobile App For iOS Mobile

Personal Celebrity Stylist On-Demand, Styling Profiles, Fashion Sourcing, Image Makeovers, Closet Transformation and More


Hautè Wifey and Hautè Hubby Subscription App

Rent Luxury Designer Fashions Including Wedding and Bridal Dresses, Tuxedos, Red Carpet, Prom, Ready-To-Wear and More




Consumer Goods



Wifey Weddings

Wedding and Bridal Dresses, Wedding and Bridal Registry, Wedding Planning, Wedding and Bridal Products, Services and Solutions 


Wifey Mobile App Portfolio 

A Portfolio of Wifey Life Mobile Apps

Help Your Husband Succeed, Manage Your Heirs and Family Affairs, Build Exponential Wife Wealth and Create The Marriage of Your Dreams


Werks Clean 

Concierge On-Demand Residential Home, Office, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Care, Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning 

Steam Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Fluff and Fold Laundry Services

Plus Mold Remediation, Water Damage Restoration, Toxin Testing

Pro Organizing, Maids, Executive Home Managers and Domestic Staffing 



Werks Clean PRO

Marketplace For Cleaning PROS To Book Jobs

Helps Facilities and Maintenance PROs Track Projects 


Husband Care App 


Help Your Husband Succeed App 


The Alpha Wife Algorithm App 


Marriage Business Plan


Executive Husband Management 


Heir Development 


Phenom Mentoring 


Phenom Parenting 









Wife Wealth App


Family Office On-Demand 



Real Estate


Approved America Real Estate and Mortgage 

Flat Fee Real Estate and Mortgage Solutions 


Beauty IQ PRO Salon Suites and Co-Working Spaces On-Demand

Rent By The Hour, By The Day, Week, Month, Year or Long-Term, CRE Listings and Crowdfunding

Privilege Physicians MD Suites and Co-Working
Privilege Psychiatry MD and Therapist Co-Working Suites and Co-Working





Wifey Yummy

Home-Cooked Organic Gourmet Meals Delivered On Demand

Meal Plans For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Private Chef’s and Catering On Demand

Nutrition, Dietician and Weight Loss Plans To Fit Your Lifestyle


Cool House Farms 

Pesticide FREE Organic Produce, Farm-To-Table Delivery 







Forest Nite

Off-line and Online Multiplayer Gaming and VR 






Wifey Beauty Academy 


Approved America IT and Corporate Training
Wifey University 




Leisure and Recreation



Wifey Retreats


Hubby Retreats


Camp Camerica 

Outdoor Adventure, Camping, Team Building, Survivalist and Recreational Retreats, Camping Products




Media & Entertainment

Entertainment Executives 


Virtual Wifey 


Club Intimacy 


Wifey Meets Hubby